After a sucessful 2021 event, GSER is back for 2022, showcasing the best trails with the greatest views the Victorian high country has to offer!

From 28 km through to 100 miles – every distance provides an epic sky-running, mountain trail experience.

And part of Race Director Megan’s vision for the event, is the #womenofgser group – an encouraging, empowering and supportive group of women getting out onto the trails!

We are very excited to see you and your trail crew back in Harrietville, November 11th to 13th 2022.

Regards Matt and Megan (the Ultra Endurance Team)




What dates will GSER 2022 be held on?

November 11th to 13th 2022

Where will GSER 2022 be held?

GSER 2022 RACE HQ will be in Tavare Park – Harrietville, the little mountain town in the Victorian high country.

All 4 events will start and finish here and take place on trails within the Alpine National Park.

What events are planned for GSER 2022?

At GSER 2022 – we have 4 events on offer;

100mile – 161km’s with over 10,000m’s of elevation – Starting time TBA on November 11th.

50mile – 83km’s with over 5,000m’s of elevation – Starting 6 am on November 12th.

28k – 1800m’s of elevation, what goes up – must come down – Starting 7 am on November 12th.

56k – 3200m’s of elevation, what goes up – must come down twice – Starting 8 am on November 12th.

How do I qualify for GSER 2022?

With the lack of events and the availability to get to the Mountains to train in many parts of Australia and around the world over the past year, the qualifying process for GSER 2022 will be a little different.

Check out our qualifying page for all the details on how to get your entry approved for GSER 2022.

Can I have a support crew and pacer?

Yes, you certainly can have a support crew (we encourage it – the more support for runners out on the trails and at the finish line the better) – check out our support crew page

Yes, Pacers are allowed for the 100 and 50-mile events – see the pacer page for more details

Who is the team behind GSER 2022?

The team behind the scenes of GSER 2022 is made up of past competitors and trail lovers alike, with the core management team taking over ownership of the event from former owners; Mountain Sports.

Matt Veenstra – Event Director: all-around trail lover who loves to give back to the trail running community.

Megan Harper – Race Director: Isn’t called the Happy Trail Runr for no reason and has been known to be very handy behind the camera and also is very well suited in front. 


2022 Events .

Starting and Finishing at Tavare Park in the Victorian Alps mountain town of Harrietville, Victoria on offer is our 100 mile, 50 mile, 28 km and 56 km events.

GSER 2022 - 28KM

GSER 2022 - 28KM

28Km's with over 1800M's of Elevation.

GSER 2022 - 56 KM

GSER 2022 - 56 KM

56 km's with 3200m's of Elevation.

GSER 2022 - 50 mile

GSER 2022 - 50 mile

GSER 2022 - 100 mile

GSER 2022 - 100 mile



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