Peak Endurance Coaching

Be coached by GSER 2019 100 mile Winner Isobel Tait

With a personalized program or standard training schedule, you can reach your GSER goals. Izzy’s coaching services will enable you to focus purely on your training so you reach your best. You might be planning to conquer GSER 14k, 28k, 56k, or 50 miles in 2024. It’s possible!

Be sure to talk more with Izzy about how she can help coach you to the GSER 2024 startline and help conquer the mountains!




Enfer Running



Accomplishing your GSER goals just got a lot easier!

You already know that traditional running training isn’t a straightforward path to athletic glory.  It sounds simple and we all start out with a plan but life gets busy and often injury gets in the way, and before you know it your athletic endeavors unravel in front of you. If you’re serious about achieving that athletic goal you need a different approach. Life-long runner and endurance athlete Nathan Fenton has created Enfer Running to give you a proven four-step plan to understand your current running technique, guide you into the ultimate body position, and get you moving well so that injuries are reduced and speed and endurance are improved.