Drop bags are recommended for extra food, gels, body lubricant, spare socks, clothing, batteries, and spare headlamp at the aid stations, and for warm, dry clothing and footwear at the finish line.  


Bag Type/Material: must be closable and SOFT (recommend – Woolworths/Coles chiller Bags).

Plastic/garbage bags and plastic boxes will not be accepted.

Aid station Drop Bag: less than 20Litres volume and less than 10kg weight.

Finish Drop Bag: can be as large as needed.

Important: must not contain glass bottles and valuable items

Marking your Drop Bag:

We will provide labels that correlate to each aid station, each label will be a different color and have your surname and bib number on them.

All drop bags will be lined up in numerical order.

AID STATION DROP BAGS (50 mile, 50 mile relay, and 56 km runners only)

All runners can take advantage of our aid station drop-bag services.

Runners may use a mixture of the support crew at some aid stations and the drop bag service at others, you can also use the drop bag service at any aid station whether your support crew will be in attendance or not.

Checkpoint drop bags are for the following locations:

Aid station 1 Tavare Park Harrietville (50mile, 50 miler relay, and 56 km)
Aid station 2 Mt Hotham Aid Station (50mile and 56 km, 50 mile relay changeover)
Aid station 2 Whisky Plain (50mile only).
Aid station 3 Red Robin (50 mile only).

Aid station drop bags must be delivered to the drop bag marquee at RACE HQ before the start of your event.

It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure that all drop bags have the correct aid station label along with name and bib number on them.

FINISH LINE DROP BAG (All distances).

Runners are permitted to have one finish drop bag , which can be dropped off at your event startline drop bag location, we will then transport your bag to the GSER 2024 finishline.

This bag should contain warm, dry clothing and footwear to change into at the finish.

It is the responsibility of runners to collect their finish drop bag from the drop bag marquee.

Any finish line drop bags not collected by midday on Sunday the 17th will be disposed of.