The Great Southern Endurance Run 50 Mile event takes on rugged and picturesque mountains and trails throughout the Victorian Alps.

Previously a point-to-point race, we have now opted for a course that will provide runners greater safety and comradery on many sections along the trail. With 83.2km’s and 5,170m’s of ascent, runners will be challenged beyond their known capabilities and stripped bare to the soul in their quest to make it to the finish line of the most spectacular and amazing trail runs in the southern hemisphere.

The 50miler event has been designed to allow runners who have conquered a 56k or 60km trail running event to take that next step, with the desire of conquering the mountains.  The course tackles trails that are predominantly single track and include the historical Australian Alps Walking Trail for many parts. The grit and determination it takes participants to finish will be nothing short of extraordinary. The experience along the way – priceless. This is an event that will impact runners, crew, and volunteers for the better…

For enthusiasts of ultrarunning, trail running, or mountain running, this course represents the epitome of journeys and events.

GSER50 Details:

  • ENTRY FEE's: See entry fee section below
  • DISTANCE: 83.2km's (50 miles) with 5,170m's elevation gain
  • START TIME: 8:00am 13th of November, GSER Race HQ - Tavare Park, Great Alpine Road Harrietville, Victoria.
  • TOTAL CUT OFF: 26 hours
  • COMPULSARY GEAR CHECK - From 2pm Thursday the 11th through to 6:30am of Race morning.
  • COMPULSARY BRIEFING: 7:45am, 13th November at GSER Race HQ - Tavare Park, Great Alpine Road Harrietville, Victoria.

GSER50 2021 Entry fees:

GSER50 Opening price - (Valid from 10am January 18th through to January 31st 2021)
GSER50 Standard Pricing (Valid from February 1st though to June 30th 2021)
GSER50 Late Pricing (Valid from June 30th through to November 1st 2021)


With the lack of events and the availability to get to the Mountains to train in many parts of Australia and around the world over the past year, the qualifying process for GSER 2021 50mile will be a little different.

We encourage anybody that’s looking to take on the 50mile event to sign up and provide your results from any events 50km and greater in the last 12months along with what your training plan will look like in the lead up to GSER.

If you can demonstrate a good training history, along with any race results – then we will approve you to take on the GSER50 2021 challenge.

You will need to submit a web link to your file/result (e.g. Strava Link or Official Race Website) when you sign up – or modify your entry profile at some later date to include that link.

This must be completed before 31 October 2021

Razorback/Bungalow IntersectionWater point only
Mt Blowhard - Aid StationFull aid station
Mt Murray Track - Aid StationFull aid station
Mt Blowhard - Aid StationFull aid station