Established in 2021, our RD Megan dveloped the ‘Women of GSER’ initiative to support and encourage women in the trail community and to help highlight how unique every woman is and celebrate how strong, fierce, and determined we can be.
Each woman has their own story on how they started running, their motivation to get out there, the barriers they face and overcome using different supports to reach their goals.
Megan developed a series of profiles on women who have either competed in GSER previously or are going to compete for the first time this year.

“This series has come about because I have monitored the stats behind the scenes for sign-ups to the event, it has indicated the percentage of men is far greater than the percentage of women.
Which then made me question why?… Why is there such a low percentage of women signing up?
Women have the same physical and mental capacity to undertake an ultra, just look at Courtney Dauwalter or even our own Lucy Clark.”

“My next question was…What can I do to encourage women to not only come and compete at GSER but feel supported to come and be involved in the trail community long term?
Research shows there are many barriers that stop women from being involved in sport including feeling intimated, shamed, or judged.
They feel judged on their appearance and ability, as well as prioritising others before themselves (website: ) If I can support and encourage other women to be active, help reduce those barriers holding them back and see them give something they thought they could never do ago then that would be the best outcome.”


Other ways we support women out on the trails:

GSER supports women with our Pregnancy, Postpartum, Adoption and Foster Care Policy, whether planned or unplanned, an expected or unexpected start or end to a pregnancy or adoption or foster care including healing and recovery is vital to your overall health and we are here to support you. 
We provide the options of a one or two year deferral or transfer of entry.
Contact us, we are here to support and assist.

GSER supports women out on the trails is by having sanitary products available at every aid station Ladies, we probably all know the feeling when your period starts and you are not prepared!
We don’t want it to be the reason you can’t continue in our race.

GSER RD – Megan