At GSER 2022, Pacers are allowed for both our 50 and 100-mile events.

Not only will GSER Pacers take in the scenic mountain views of the Victorian high country, but they’ll also provide their runner with moral support, companionship and keep them motivated to make it to the finish line.

GSER 50-mile runners will be allowed ONE pacer to join them:

  • The 50 Mile Pacer will be allowed to support their runner from the Mt Murray Aid station back to the finish line. (32.6Km’s)

GSER 100-mile runners will be allowed TWO pacers to join them (only one at a time though):

  • PACER 1 will be allowed to join their runner from Selwyn Aid station supporting them out to the Viking turn around and back to the Selwyn Aid station (71.3 km’s)
  • PACER 2 will be allowed to join their runner from Selwyn Aid station and support them all the way back to the finish line (39.3 km’s).
  • We are also allowing PACER 1 to become PACER 2 (supporting their runner for 110.6 Km’s)

We offer a full shuttle service for Pacers to be taken from RACE HQ in Harrietville out to the designated aid stations and for those who do not accompany their runner back to the finish line, we will also shuttle you back to RACE HQ. Scheduled shuttle times will be available closer to the event.
(Please note: Shuttle times will be on a set schedule and may not suit all PACER timings).

All PACERs will have full access to the Aid station facilities.

PACER fees are as below:

50-mile PACER $40

100-mile PACER LEG 1 $50

100-mile PACER LEG 2 $50

100-mile PACER LEG 1 and 2 $75

All PACERS must be registered online no later than October 30th, 2022, sign up link at the bottom of this page.

Below are the rules regarding pacing:

Pacers MUST register themselves online as they will be required to sign a waiver.

All Pacers must wear the PACER race bib. Pacer(s) must attend Athlete Check-in to collect their bib.

The minimum age for Pacers is 18 years old.

Pacers must carry their own set of mandatory clothing and equipment items to match that required by the 50 and 100 Mile runners.

Pacers cannot meet their athlete before or after the designated start locations or at intermediate points. Doing so results in disqualification.

There are no Pacers for the GSER 28km or 56km events.

With the exception of an emergency or medical situation, Pacers cannot provide any material or physical assistance to their athletes.