Support Crews

GSER SUPPORT CREW (50 and 100-mile events)

At GSER, we encourage support crews to be out on course at the accessible aid stations to support their runners and help aid them in getting to the finish line.

The first job for the support crew is to read the support crew section of the runner’s booklet (COMING SOON), It will contain important information you will need to know for the event. 

To keep the event manageable as well as fair and safe for all athletes, and to make sure support crews do not get lost, there is some information that support crews need to know.

  • Support crews are only allowed to assist runners at Aid stations, 3 – Blowhard Hut, 4 – Mt Murray, and 5 – Selwyn (100 Mile Only)
  • Please note – Aid station 3 can be accessed with a standard 2-wheel drive with Aid stations 4 and 5 requiring an AWD/4WD)
  • For safety reasons, support crews are not allowed at Aid station 6.
  • Support crews cannot drive, ride or walk to Aid station 2 (Federation Hut).
  • Pacers are allowed and we will provide more details on this soon.
  • Support crews cannot run alongside their runners at any point on the course outside of the aid stations.

More information coming soon!