Support Crews

GSER SUPPORT CREW (50 and 100-mile events)

At GSER, we encourage support crews to be out on course at the accessible aid stations to support their runners and help aid them in getting to the finish line.

The first job for the support crew is to read the support crew section of the runner’s booklet (COMING SOON), It will contain important information you will need to know for the event. 

To keep the event manageable as well as fair and safe for all athletes, and to make sure support crews do not get lost, the following information is to help support everyone to make this happen.


The main areas of each aid station will be sectioned off to separate support crew zones from the main aid station areas. As runners arrive at Aid Stations Blowhard Hut, Mt Murray, and Mt Selwyn, they will be within a sectioned-off area that contains the race food marquee and drop bag marquee. You are not permitted to enter this area of the aid stations. 

For the runner to meet you they will simply exit the food/drop bag area. When they are finished being supported, they should follow the markers to continue on course. You must not enter any ‘runner only’ designated areas at these aid stations. 


• Support Crews are allowed at Aid Stations Blowhard Hut, Mt Murray (experienced 4WD access only), Mt Selwyn (4WD and only 2WD if dry conditions). 

• For safety reasons, support crews are not allowed at Van Dammes saddle Aid Station. 

• The runner is responsible for the actions of their support crew. Support crews must comply with all instructions from event staff, traffic management, and race officials. The runner may be penalised or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew. 

• Support crews must obey all road rules and drive within the speed limits. Please ensure that the support crew gets sufficient rest and is not tired when driving. 

• Support crews must not eat the runner food provided at checkpoints (For runners only). 

• Outside assistance is only permitted at Aid Stations Blowhard Hut, Mt Murray, and Mt Selwyn. Runners must not receive outside assistance at any other points on the course. Assistance from event staff is fine. 

• Support crews and spectators are not permitted to run with or pace runners. 

• Support crews are not allowed to enter the event course to collect runners. 

• Selwyn Aid Station has limited space, so we advised that support crews try to limit 1 vehicle per participant. 

• Runners will be given one support crew car sticker. 

• The event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of the support crew.


Results from every timing point will be automatically posted to the live event website as soon as each runner arrives at that timing point. Race reports and photos will also be posted to the live website, Facebook and Instagram.


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The Great Southern Endurance Run encourages spectators to come and be part of the event, you add so much to the atmosphere and excitement. We have identified the best vantage points to cheer on runners along the course, outlined below. Due to the remote course, there are a couple of main points spectators can see runners. We ask that you take care when driving to support runners, for your own safety and the safety of the runners.

Friends and family are asked to please support and participate in all COVID Safe measures. 

Tavare Park, Harrietville – Start/Finish line

Diamantina Hut (limited parking) – Runners leave the Razorback trail here and run down the road to BlowHard Hut Aid Station. Runners also return at this same point before heading down Bon Accord Track to the finish line (only spectating allowed, no support crew aid to runners is allowed here)

Blowhard Hut (limited parking) – The first (and last) aid station for the 50mile and 100mile runners is located here. Runners stop here on their way out to the turnaround point and on their way back to the finish line.

Selwyn Aid Station – Harrietville to Mt Selwyn return is a 4hr journey and depending on the weather may only be 4WD access. It’s a long way to go to see your runner, it is mostly for support crew access but you are more than welcome to see your runner here.



CAUTION: Runners will be on the road in sections of the route to the aid station, please drive carefully.

Allow 45 minutes to get to Blowhard Aid Station

Take the Great Alpine Rd towards Mt Hotham, Mt Blowhard will be on the right approximately 26km from Tavare Park.


Support Crews are not advised to drive to Mt Murray Aid Station unless they have a 4WD and have 4WD experience.

Tavare Park to Mt Murray Aid Station – 58 min (31.3 km) via Great Alpine Rd/B500

CAUTION: Runners will be on the road in sections of the route to the aid station, please drive carefully.


*Google Maps will give you various routes to this aid station that may be quicker but the roads are not safe especially if you are driving in a 2WD. Please use this route as the safest access to the aid station.

AWD and 4WD are advised but in dry conditions, 2WD vehicles can access this aid station. Allow 2 hours to get to the aid station.


From Tavare Park, head back towards Bright along the Great Alpine Rd/B500

Go through Bright and head towards Porepunkah

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Buckland Valley Rd

Follow Buckland Valley Road it will turn into a dirt road, keep following as it will turn into Selwyn Ck Rd

Follow Buckland Valley Road (do not turn onto Scotchman Ck Tk)

Follow Buckland Valley Road (do not turn onto Clear Creek Tk)

Follow Selwyn Creek Rd (do not take the Mt Selwyn Rd)

Follow Selwyn Creek Rd (do not turn onto Mt Murray Tk Nth)

Follow Selwyn Creek Rd (do not follow Mt Murray Logging Rd)

Follow this road until you reach the next junction which will be where the Selwyn Aid Station is located. Please be careful entering the junction as runners will be crossing the road here.